24 February, 2017

UHW Investment Funds

Urban Homeworks offers innovative ways to put your investment capital to work through funds that are used to fill financing gaps on rental and home ownership projects.


Loan Pool 2.0

Loan Pool 2.0 is an innovative social investment lending opportunity for the benefit of the participants, the furtherance of Urban Homeworks’ (UHW) mission, and the application of proven solutions in our community.

The loan will be utilized towards Urban Homeworks' PROJECT: Reclaim program, a successful pathway to homeownership model that implements a contract for deed and high touch credit enhancement program. 

PROJECT: Reclaim

PROJECT: Reclaim is a home ownership program created to facilitate successful home ownership, helping to create healthy, vibrant, and sustaining communities. Through PROJECT: Reclaim we equip and support people who have been declined a mortgage due to credit challenges and create opportunities to affordably own a home. Households participate in a credit enhancement program and debt reduction to minimize financial risk and maximize household stability. Currently, too many of the families in our community are unable to achieve the dream of homeownership; PROJECT: Reclaim is a powerful solution to this challenge.

Since its inception in 2008, PROJECT: Reclaim has demonstrated impressive results. For example, 92% of households are on track to refinance, thus achieving the goal of home ownership.  

In short, Loan Pool 2.0 is an opportunity to layer the impact of your investment from individual properties, to family stability leading to a positive, lasting impact on our shared community.We are currently putting the underlying financing pieces together to support the effort to rehab homes throughout the Twin Cities which presents the opportunity for private investment. For more information, download the Loan Pool 2.0 information book

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