24 February, 2017


The Quicksilver Crew provides opportunities to volunteer during the week on an Urban Homeworks construction site, turning dilapidated structures into quality, dignified homes.


Who We Are

The Quicksilver Crew is a group of individuals (mostly retired professionals) who have chosen to use the freedom of their schedules for the benefit of families seeking stability. This group engages in hands-on work and conversation that leads to deeper understanding of poverty in the urban context.

What We Do

Spending anywhere from a half-day to two days each week volunteering on an Urban Homeworks construction site, Quicksilvers do everything from rough framing to putting the finishing touches on a home. Some Quicksilvers have construction skills, some learn on the job, but all are passionate about this work and enjoy the camaraderie of working and learning together. 

Join the Quicksilver Crew

Contact our team This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 612.724.9002.