It is a considerable understatement to say that without you, we would not have made it this far. The work of our mission: the work of hope, the work of community-building – the work of sustainable, affordable housing – requires the attention, support, and investment, of the many to succeed. 


This year we are continuing the work that you know us for: renovating, building, and providing environmentally responsible, affordable and dignified rental and ownership homes for those of low-wealth and low-income. And we continue to work right alongside those we serve through our People Oriented Developments (PODs).  


In 2019, we began a renter organizing campaign to bring tenants together from all over Minneapolis. Working in partnership with Renters United for Justice, we conduct renters’ rights education and offer tenants support with difficult landlords. We also began working with tenants living in the most abject and inhumane properties – properties owned by landlords who prey on some of our most vulnerable families. This work has reignited our charge as the only small scattered-site, affordable housing non-profit in Minneapolis while breathing new life into our mission to perpetuate the hope of Jesus Christ through innovative community development. We believe that the Hope of Jesus Christ is found in working alongside those who have less and ensuring they, too, have voice and power in a system that seeks to deny them such. It means we don’t standby and allow harms and injustices when faced with them. It means, we respond as Jesus would.   


Whether you joined our family yesterday, two years ago, or ten – please take a moment to recognize the impact you have helped us have on neighborhood stability and housing justice throughout the Twin Cities. We are currently housing 557 people. 557 people who don’t wonder where they will sleep each night. 557 people who know their children can attend the same school each day. 557 people building safe, healthy neighborhoods. 557 people who have a consistent commute to work and 557 people focused on thriving because they no longer have to focus on survival.  


We have the opportunity, together, to do more – to double and even triple the impact of the first 25 years of this work. Thank you for all you’ve done to get us here. Now – let’s make the next 25 years even stronger! 

Asalesol Young | Marketing and Development Director