Stability Maker 25 for $5,000

There is a funding gap of $5,000 to maintain affordability for one family in Urban Homeworks rental housing. Monthly donors, what we call Stability Makers, play an essential role in filling funding gaps like this. Stability Makers have already given the equivalent of keeping 7 UHW apartments affordable in 2023 alone—we want to grow that number even more!

We’re on a mission to get 25 new Stability Makers giving an additional $5,000 annually together to help us fill that need for one more family to reside in an UHW rental home. Will you join us to help make a tangible impact for one family?

As a thank you, we’ll send you a gift for your monthly commitment to support dignified, affordable housing!

a key that has the UHW hammer and the words "Housing is a Human Right" inside of it


vinyl sticker, 3″ x 2.28″

an open door that has the UHW hammer and the words "Housing is a Human Right" inside of it


enamel pin, 0.5″ x 1″

Housing is a Human Right tshirt design


 t-shirt, sizes XS-2XL

Housing is a Human Right tshirt, pin, and sticker designs


your choice of all/any of the gifts listed

a thermometer of the Stability Maker campaign with 5 total Stability Makers at goal already, 15 more to go.
two homes under construction from above

Through her resilience and with the support of Urban Homeworks, Tira became the architect of her own destiny, securing a brighter future for herself and her loved ones. Ten years later, Tira is a homeowner and considers herself family to Urban Homeworks because of our role in her life.

“Even though I moved out, I’m still UHW family and always will be UHW family.”