For twenty-one years, I’ve had the life-changing gift of filling the role of Executive Director at Urban Homeworks.  My time has come to pass the baton of leadership. The organization is in courageous, competent, and powerful hands.  The team assembled is ready.  The board of directors is engaged.  And now is the right time.

After a long time of contemplation and prayer, I’ve come to see that it’s time for the organization and me to move toward our separate futures. I have a quote hanging on my bathroom mirror by Richard Rohr that says, “Yearning for a new way will not produce it.  Only ending an old way can do that.”  The time is ripe for newness to emerge.

I’m grateful.  I’m grateful for the team, the Directors Team, the Board, the community, the volunteers, the supporters, donors, and all the stakeholders and partners.  You’ve changed my life.  And, even though I’m passing the baton off in this leg of the race—I’ll be on the field with you, maybe in another lane—maybe in another event—but we have a lot of work to do to manifest the hope of Jesus Christ in this moment and in this place.

I urge you to surround this great organization; it’s team, board, and community with your prayer and support.  It is a perfect time to invest in this mission.  Be bold.  The future is powerful and bright for Urban Homeworks.

Thank you!  I’ll see you on the field—

Chad Schwitters

P.S. We’ve announced a wonderful Interim Executive Director! Learn more here.