Peace and Blessings Dear Supporters,

As you have come to know, at Urban Homeworks we believe that housing is a human right. We believe that every person created by God is deserving of human dignity. This has always guided our work.

Sometimes I struggle to remember what we’ve accomplished—as we were completing each milestone, we believed each step was simply the work that was needed to ensure greater housing stability, equity, and dignity for our neighbors. But, upon reflection, I realize the transformative nature of what we’ve truly done.

In 2022, we continued to invest in dignified homes by reimagining community safety. Through intentional and strategic co-creation with neighbors to design what community safety looks and feels like, we went beyond just working toward safe neighborhoods, instead investing in and calling for solutions that address the root causes of community violence. Check out page 7 to learn more!

We continued to invest in neighborhood empowerment and engagement, holding our first community-centered, Black, Brown, and Indigenous driven Think Tank in 2022. The ideas that were crafted in these sacred spaces became meaningful forces in driving change, as folks volunteering were able to see themselves and each other as a part of the solutions. As neighbors chatted with and worked alongside elected officials, we knew we were embarking upon an ancient but powerful catalyst for change: deep listening and genuine connection. Check out page 6 to learn more!

We continued to invest in affordable homeownership. One of the most beautiful aspects of one of 2022’s development projects was that the home was donated to us by a white family who had owned the home for generations, nearly 100 years! When they were ready to let it go, they wanted to ensure it went towards affordable homeownership opportunities for their neighbors, just as it had for them. They put the betterment of the community above financial gains for themselves. This was an act of neighboring centered in love and a commitment to human dignity that we will always remember them for. Check out page 8 to learn more!

As we look back on 2022 together, it is my hope that everyone can recognize the part we each played in the outcomes of our communities. We are all responsible, in some way, for what is happening in society today. The arc of justice is long, and the seeds we collectively plant today will manifest for our children. At Urban Homeworks, we choose to continue to plant seeds of love. I am grateful to have you walking collaboratively with the community toward greater housing equity for all. May the next generations be free to take on a different fight, may they eat from trees we planted with love, and may you and the work we do together continue to be blessed.

In community,

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