March 2, 2021

On behalf of the Urban Homeworks Board of Directors, I am delighted to announce our unanimous appointment of AsaleSol Young as Executive Director.

Our decision reflects our confidence and appreciation for AsaleSol’s leadership, her powerful strategy for the organization the strength of her commitment to our community, and the vision of racial justice and equity that is at the heart of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Along with the rest of the remarkable UHW team, AsaleSol will continue to passionately pursue excellence in affordable housing and co-creation of avenues for BIPOC wealth building while simultaneously advocating for eliminating structural barriers at the local and state-wide level.

We are excited to continue this journey with AsaleSol!

We also want to thank all of you who have supported us during this transition, expressing your commitment to our shared vision. Now is not the time to ease up or sit back. There are both daunting challenges and tremendous opportunities in 2021. It will take all of us, together, to create the world we long to have realized.

We are excited and delighted to continue this journey with AsaleSol and with you!



With great appreciation,

Claudia Oxley

Interim Urban Homeworks Board Chair