Sponsor Perpetuate the Hope 2022

Sponsor Perpetuate the Hope

Our annual Perpetuate the Hope event supports our larger strategy of using equitable housing as a platform to build community and create social change. Becoming a sponsor of Perpetuate the Hope signifies your willingness to invest in powerful people who make up a vibrant community working to create lasting change for generations to come.

Housing has been one of the primary ways that racialized wealth gaps have been created and maintained in our country’s history. Our goal is to transform housing into a redemptive force, not only for the resident or owner, but for the contractors, vendors, individuals, and businesses that benefit from the development and management of our housing work.

To learn more about sponsorship options, check out our sponsor packet linked below. For questions about Perpetuate the Hope or to request an invoice, please contact Emily Lassiter at EmilyL@UrbanHomeworks.org or 612-429-0374.

Download the full sponsor packet HERE.

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