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Imagine the strength it takes to parent your children when faced with the challenge of not being able to afford the rent for your home.

That was Tira’s reality in 2009 when she bravely navigated through being forced out of her home and found herself in a shelter. Determined to create a better future, Tira connected with a program at a partner organization that eventually led her to Urban Homeworks. There, she found a deeply affordable rental home that gave her family the stability and breathing room needed to get back on their feet.

Through her resilience and with the support of Urban Homeworks, Tira became the architect of her own destiny, securing a brighter future for herself and her loved ones. Ten years later, Tira is a homeowner and considers herself family to Urban Homeworks because of our role in her life.

"Even though I moved out, I'm still UHW family and always will be UHW family."

Stories like Tira’s are possible when we come together to build a future where everyone has a safe, dignified, and affordable home. Housing instability is affecting too many people in our community. In fact, nearly half of Twin Cities renters are cost-burdened, paying more than 30% of their income on rent each month. That’s why Urban Homeworks’ mission to provide dignified, affordable housing options is so critical.

Maintaining affordability is not easy, however. There is a funding gap of $5,000 for each of the 134 rental homes that Urban Homeworks manages. We’re calling on monthly donors, who we call Stability Makers, to help us fill funding gaps like this and make a tangible impact for more families like Tira’s.

Stability Makers have already given the equivalent of keeping 7 UHW apartments affordable in 2023 alone, and we need your help to grow that number even more!

Tira’s story is a testament to the importance of safe, dignified, and affordable housing. Because of the stability she found at Urban Homeworks, Tira was able to build up her credit, pay off her vehicles, and become a homeowner!

We hope you’ll join us in our mission to create more stable homes so that everyone can thrive.

Maintaining affordability and dignity for one rental home takes: 16 donors giving $25/month, 8 donors giving $50/month, 4 donors giving $100/month, 2 donor giving $200/month, OR 1 donor giving $400/month.

Plus, if you join before June 30, you can choose a special gift as a token of our gratitude. Show your support for housing justice with a “Housing is a Human Right” vinyl sticker, enamel pin, t-shirt, or the full package, depending on your gift amount.

a key that has the UHW hammer and the words "Housing is a Human Right" inside of it


vinyl sticker, 3″ x 2.28″

an open door that has the UHW hammer and the words "Housing is a Human Right" inside of it


enamel pin, 0.5″ x 1″

Housing is a Human Right tshirt design


 t-shirt, sizes XS-2XL

Housing is a Human Right tshirt, pin, and sticker designs


your choice of all/any of the gifts listed

Attention Current Stability Makers!

We are so grateful for the dedication and strength of our current Stability Makers who contribute over $80,000 together annually. We want you to be part of this journey too! Here are two ways you can participate and help us reach our goal of 25 for $5k:

1. Increase your current monthly gift:

By increasing your monthly contribution, you amplify the impact you’re already making and help us create more stable homes for families in our community. As a token of our appreciation, you’ll receive ‘Housing is a Human Right’ swag if you increase your gift before June 30th, 2023.

2. Invite a friend to become a Stability Maker:

Spread the word about our mission and invite your friends or family members to join the Stability Maker community. When they sign up, you’ll receive matching “Housing is a Human Right” swag as a gesture of our gratitude for organizing your community around making Housing a Human Right! Don’t forget to ask your invitees to put your name in the comment/referral section of the donation form.